Last night I started reviewing the images from our shoot on Tuesday and it honestly made me think of all the people that were involved to make happen. The results are beyond my expectations and there are people that need to be thanked for their role before I can concentrate on the processing.

Natel and I have been talking about this idea for a shoot for the last year or so. It was fairly simple.

“An escape. We find our model in way over her head.”

The shoot called for the perfect car.. one that would not overpower the scene and have some style. We attended the opening of Little Church Organic Farm in Kelowna, and noticed DaveW’s car. A 1972 Pontiac Catalina. We both thought it was perfect and he agreed to let us borrow it – that was all it took to get things rolling.

That is when emails and DM’s started to fly. It was not too long before we had a wicked team on board to create something.

The team included:

Producer: Natel Hull
Photographer: Darren Hull
Model: Rachel Doell – Blog: Daily Routine Blog.
Stylist: Alana Denham Albrecht – Blog: ilovedenham
Make Up – Melanie Feeny – Website
Motion/Film – Tim Feeny – Commercial SiteWedding Site
Hair – Tasha Arnall – Bloom Hair Studio- Email + Facebook Page
Production/Model -Rhys Albrecht – Website
Production Assistant –Eric Ehman

Special Thanks:
Dave Ward
Cherry Hill Coffee
James & Danielle

Special SPECIAL Thanks:
Roberta Cashol – not only for helping with some of the food on this shoot, but for your ongoing support to our family.


I wanted to put together some behind the scenes shots of everyone who made this happen. The collaboration was (still is) inspiring to me. Thank you All.

Our meeting point on shoot day was our place. I was bummed to miss this. I actually tried to hang around and watch some of the action.. but Mel Feeny cracked the whip and got me to put my coffee down and get to work. Natel, Rachel, Alana, Mel and Tasha worked inside, and myself ,Rhys, and Eric went up to the location site to set up. Tim floated a bit to film the girls at work.

An early light test. A simple two light approach

Another light test .. or Rhys stretching out his hamstrings.

I once posted a blog about Eric.. and it was titled “the worst assistant ever”
– Not the case anymore PLUS he just looks so DAMN good. For real Eric was working since about 6am at his job before coming to join us.. was a long day and he was there until the very end. Thanks Brotha!

Melanie doing a few touch ups. Mels presence on shoots is quiet.. but having her with us is very calming. Plus she can crack the whip at anytime. AND if that was not enough she has the coolest makeup belt ever!!!!

I like this shot. Alana, Rachel, and Mel caught in the act. Alana was a dream to work with. Her choices on the clothing down to what was in Rachels purse was brilliant.

Tasha responding to a “can we make the hair bigger?” This is the second shoot I have worked with her on. She is hard to read. For the most part I think she wonders what the hell I’m doing. So naturally I have huge respect for her. Kidding aside she was also able to add her vision into the Hair and it really showed.

Tim Feeny – what can I say about this guy aside from Natel schedules about an extra hour at every shoot we work together on.. because she knows I will want to just hang with this guy and chat. His work speaks for itself, and really look forward to his version of this.


Rachel patiently waiting for us to get our shite together. She was so fun to work with.. and I knew she had put alot of thought into this shoot as well. We already have another fitness shoot being discussed so I am looking forward to working with her again.

The amount of things Natel did to prepare for the shoot was crazy. Most of the photos on this post were taken by her, which is mostly why there are not too many of her.. EXCEPT this one. Rhys took this one of Tel in action as was kind enough to send it over. I truly could not do what I do without her!

The first scene.

Chatting the scene up.

I am not sure why this guy just kept showing up in the background holding a light that was not plugged in. Weird. <just jokes>

Sharing my recipe for beef jerky I think.

There might have been more cars then actual people. Carpooling is soo 2010.

Another look at the set up.

Rachel and Tasha hang out in our ultra cool screen tent thingy. Tasha looks worried. She might be thinking “how the hell do I get out of here”

Just a Man Hug and a glowing Momma.

Seriously. 2 minutes for looking so good.

The bad Feeny and the Good Feeny.

Rhys and Eric wearing the uniform.

Alana and Rhys observing.

Rhys was wicked to work with. A talented photographer in his own right.. he offered nothing but support on the shoot.

This was a shot Natel snapped of Rachel while being shot.

I am really not sure what is going on here.. but liked this shot.

These guys helped up create the background dust which made for a spectacular background.

The dirt bikers hung out a little watching the action.. or should I say Rachel.


Thank you all again. I should have the photos complete in the next week or two and look forward to sharing them with you all.