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As 2015 comes to an end, I look back on this @instagram community. As a professional shooter, I did not think it was something I wanted to get involved in. It was not where I wanted my photography to be. It was not a serious space for images ….and square crops make no sense unless I was shooting 120. I was very wrong. Over this past year this space has changed the way I shoot, made me a better photographer, and I would say a happier/healthier person in general. First off the quality of images is mind blowing. Weekend warriors and professionals capturing jaw dropping images in places I wanted to see and be. That alone has raised my game. It made me have a more critical look at my own work. Thinking in square made me compose a little differently and anything that pushes you from your comfort zone is a good thing. (That said.. I am happy we have more cropping options now.) It also has inspired me to GET OUT there. Find new places, connect up with nature and just have fun with my camera again. Sharing these shots was equally impactful to me. Comments, likes and stories helped fuel more adventures..more exploration with my photography, equipment and geography. I would not say I shoot for likes or comments, but they are appreciated and at times give me that extra push. Progression is always my main goal in anything I do and for my life in general ….and I feel this year has been a success. Thank you for hanging with me and sharing your photos. I am stoked for 2016.

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There is nothing better then shooting something new. To dive into something and try to understand it and then figure out a way to photograph it. Working with Bailey, Jenny, and Debbie on this shoot was fantastic.

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