Last week we pulled baker hours to document the brand story of Bliss Bakery in Peachland. There is nothing better then being on location with friends. Here are a few snaps in between shots.

I had to convert this one to black and white.. this shirt was bright green and was sneakin into frame a few times during the night. Just say no to green.


Tim staying in touch with Perez. What you can’t see.. is that he is just staring at wall. He was like this for over 15 minutes. Weird.


Walking buckle first.


Our art director hard at work.. finally gets the joke in the family circle comic.


Tim standing in for a test shot. I am not certain but I am sure he is thinking of me without my pants on.


Sure enough that head got stuck.


A portrait of a tired guy.


Who says you can’t take a good portrait with a 15mm?


Self portrait.



Thanks to the wicked team at Bliss + James Calder + and Tim Feeny. The photos are looking great.