Long Story Short: Challenge to raise $1000 for @_ds and the OKDG team to support Movember (http://ca.movember.com/) and to have some fun.

There is no way I can grow a moustache so I figured I would support a friend that can…… and after some twitter chit chat with @OKDigitalMedia we came to a place where I donate $1000 to the team and he promised not to tweet for the month.

Originally the challenge was directed at me to donate $1000. That was not really in the cards. But I thought I  would try and raise the money by offering 4 photo sessions at $250/each. The deal with tellinatellina (CFO) was it had to be new bookings. Seemed fair.

Ideally I was pushing to shoot everything tomorrow, but getting 4 extra booking spots in for the #Movember #NoThiessen campaign is posing to be a problem. I have 2 legacy bookings for tomorrow that I need to hit, but do have 10:30 available… and could also do later in the afternoon after 2:30.All of this will be on location around the Landmark area in Kelowna.

I thought I would open up this up a little wider. There are 4 sessions available. $250 each. Think headshot business portrait session. If you book directly through the Movember website by donating directly ($250) to Dustin or his team it will secure your spot and I will contact you to schedule a time within the next 4 weeks if tomorrow doesn’t work. – To be safe if you do donate please send me an email at info@darrenhull.com to let me know. If by some kind of fluke we actually get some interest, I still need to cap this at four. So its kinda first come first serve.

To book you have to use this link by end of day Thursday November 4th. (tomorrow) : http://ca.movember.com/mospace/326094/ – When you make your donation, you will be asked to submit a comment. Please remember to tag that with: “#Movemberphotosession #NoThiessen”

You will receive a tax receipt and you would have secured yourself some great photos.

It might sound odd…. but if you want to donate to one good cause and another  dumb one – all at the same time – This is it… and it might be the only time your photo session comes with a Charitable Donation Receipt.

Remember this is the link to secure your session: http://ca.movember.com/mospace/326094/

Disclaimer: In no way has @_ds or any of the OKDG team members actually endorsed the #NoThiessen part of this campaign