Words by KimAThomas

What better way to make use of a beautiful, sunshiny day than to pump it even more with good tunes (we have a lot of gangster rap fans around here…), a stunning model and a killer view. Darren, Natel and I were on location early afternoon to begin setting up for a day that took us well into the night. We were approached by Melice a few months back to help her create a modelling portfolio. After a few meetings with her, some shopping for outfits and props and a lotttt of brainstorming, we were able to put together a full, commercial shoot.

When creating this shoot, Natel and I wanted to give Darren a variety of different looks to work with.  We were inspired by some photos of Tyra Banks, and with Melice and a great team behind us, we were able to create more than what we had originally entailed.

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For many of us, music is key when it comes to creating. It allows such a good energy to stir and really helps set the mood and the character of who we are trying to capture. The music allowed Melice the freedom to move naturally and if anything, the right headspace and motivation for the rest of us to keep the day running smoothly.

The preparation for the day was enormous. We had equipment set up all over the property (which was the back yard of a beautiful house overlooking all of Kelowna – pool included) and also had different scenes set up throughout the yard that were ready to go when we were. It didn’t take long before Darren and I were both in the pool, shooting and holding reflectors, (which I admit, on a 35 degree weather day was incredibly refreshing) trying to get the absolute perfect shot. Really, it was the huge amount of effort from the team we had that day that made the shoot so successful. I certainly love all the work we do and all the different shoots that includes, but I tell ya, it’s nice to be able to, every now and then, shoot something entirely different. It’s amazing to actually create something and then see it come to life.

Thanks again to everyone who helped with this shoot!
@dahul – Photographer
@tellinatellina – Producer and stylist
@kimathomas – Production and associate styling
Melice Bell – Model
@timfeeny – Videographer
Shani – Hair stylist
Jenny McKinney – Make up artist and stylist
Cairy & Richard – Location