Yesterday I posted up the Cover of Reel West magazine of Jessica Lowndes. The image was shot during gallery photos during the production of A Mothers Nightmare. A movie of the week on Life Time. I wanted to dissect this up after seeing the cover for the first time yesterday.

Gallery photos for a film is all about shooting the key actors to build a library for marketing down the road. Posters, Press kits and stuff. In this case the actors were Annabeth Gish, Jessica Lowndes and Grant Gust. This shoot took place during a day of filming that had the actors together.

Natel and I set up in the basement of a home in West Kelowna and shot away. Our set up was white seamless, three lights. (alien bee workhorses. two 800’s and one 1600)

We only had Jessica for about 12 mins in total.. split up into two quick looks.

Anyway, after I shot these, I cleaned them up a bit and delivered over to the client. Which in this case was Sepia Films. That’s it.  A few months later  is when you see what happens to them. Andy over at Sepia emailed me a link to the published mag. No idea who did the post work, where they got the background of a view from Quails Gate. The shadows on her cheek bugged me a bit.. but that is how things go. I am glad it made the cover.

The movie airs at the end of this month and so far I have not been able to share any of the photos. I think what I was most happy about it the fact I COULD post this one.
( because it has been published already)

Thx for Tim Feeny and David McIlvride for making this happen.

Here is my version.