It was a true pleasure to photograph Elizabeth Fry Society’s latest empowering campaign: Beyond Crisis.  Beyond Crisis is a unique campaign because it tells a story of recovery, achievement and the positive outcome gained from many who utilize the services of The Elizabeth Fry Society in Kelowna. Richard Taylor of rt Strategy was the marketing agency behind the campagin and the one who selected us to work on it.

When Richard first talked to me about this, I must admit I was a little skeptical of the concept. I was not sure smiling people telling these story’s would make a lot of sense. BUT I was wrong. Very wrong. I did trust his vision however. I give a great amount of respect to Richard on this. The campaign is in full swing and the choice to use local people did nothing but strengthen it futher – as well as its word of mouth.  He had the option to use stock photography but could see the true value of using real photography. I am really happy we could be a part of this and the amount of feedback we have received is fantastic.

If you want to see more visit the campaign site.

Here are a few looks of the campaign photography as shot. (special thanks to Loyal for doing a wicked job on the hair and make up – you made our job easy!)

A look at one of the print pieces:

Shout out to our models! You guys are beautiful!

Carrie Harper
Tara Miller
Lani Miller
Shelbie Nablo

Thanks guys!