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Last week we pulled baker hours to document the brand story of Bliss Bakery in Peachland. There is nothing better then being on location with friends. Here are a few snaps in between shots. I had to convert this one to black and white.. this shirt was bright green and was sneakin into frame a […]

Still hard to believe this was rejected by the Canadian Olympic Committee. Share

… walking around and just observing with a camera. this image was taken in downtown winnipeg years & years ago. somewhere close to broadway and the fort gary hotel i think. a very crappy film scan, but puts me back into the time I shot this.. just for a second.  i also know for certain […]

We like working with Mel. That is all. –>> Share

A challenge was put down a couple of days ago, and unfortunately I was not able to hit the target. I did have some fun along the way, and hopefully provided a little awareness to the cause.  I still wanted to end this with some kind of positivity so our studio has made one more […]

Long Story Short: Challenge to raise $1000 for @_ds and the OKDG team to support Movember ( and to have some fun. There is no way I can grow a moustache so I figured I would support a friend that can…… and after some twitter chit chat with @OKDigitalMedia we came to a place where […]

Not sure how we got to November already, but man time has flown by. Things have been nutty, and we are slowly working away completing projects from the last 3 months. These are hard times for me. My rush is on the future, and this is always the time of year that has me swamped […]

Bif was always someone I wanted to shoot. I had the chance to shoot her live, but still wait for a more personal non live shoot. Share